School Information

District Profile
Gorman School is a single site district. Grade levels at Gorman Elementary range from kindergarten to eighth grade. Currently all students are in split level classes. The configuration of the four classes is: kindergarten through first grade, second through third grade, fourth through fifth, and sixth through righth grade. In total our district has 85 students, four teachers, and one administrator. We service students from both Kern County and Los Angeles County, many of whom ride the bus for an hour to get to school each day. A large percentage of our population is from the lower socioeconomic level. Twenty one percent of Gorman students are English language learners.  Through modern technology Gorman School can adequately meet the needs of access within our student population and community. With the wireless computer lab we offer programs which increase students’ access to in depth rigorous curriculum.
Mission Statement
Gorman Elementary School will provide a safe and caring climate in which all students will accept responsibility for their own actions, show respect for themselves and others, and become intentional learners in order to cooperate with the learning process.  Staff, parents, and students will have high expectations and standards for teaching and learning. 


PTSO welcomes you to the 2018-2019 school year!
We invite you to be an active participant in your children’s education. You will find many ways to get involved in Gorman’s PTSO. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.
PTSO stands for Parent Teacher and Student Organization. This organization was created to help build community, provide support for teachers and help our students have the most amazing Gorman experience.
Involvement in the PTSO gives you an opportunity to meet other parents, provides opportunities to get to know school staff members and to learn how the school operates. The PTSO does great work, and without parent involvement, this work might not get done. Besides, it’s lots of fun!
All parents/guardians that pay their $10.00 per family membership dues are considered members of PTSO. ALL parents, teachers and students may attend meetings but only those that have paid their dues will be given a vote.


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